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Sparkle Moore: Music

Silent Heroes

(Sparkle Moore)

SILENT HEROES are everywhere you go,

They're not in the movies or on the radio;

SILENT HEROES don't make front page news,

They're the ones who make  difference,

They're the ones who choose


To tend the sick and disadvantaged,

and help the weak to stand,

And care for all who cross their

path who need a helping hand.

They don't get recognition, they don't make a sound,

But it's the SILENT HEROES that make the world go 'round.


An elderly man with his invalid wife,

Stays by her side all of her life.

A lifetime of care the family gives

To one troubled child to see that he lives.


Invisible hands reach to strangers in need,

With money or lodging or food or good deed;

And kindness and love filters into our days,

From everyday heroes with everyday ways.