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Sparkle Moore: Writings



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                                                          By Sparkle Moore






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There is no higher pursuit than the Search for Truth.

For every question asked, Life provides an answer. Everyday Truth reveals itself through Observation, Awareness, Experience, Common Sense, and Thought. As a man learns to understand the forces of life which operate around and through him, he gains control of his own life and travels a more enlightened journey.

As man begins to understand the Laws of Being, situations cease to appear random, and he realizes that his actions alone determine the outcomes he will experience. He learns to refrain from judgment of circumstances, individuals, and appearances realizing there are causes of effects that are not always obvious. He learns to love even those who make serious mistakes, understanding that he is also guilty of many bad choices. Judgment is replaced with compassion. We are all part of the network of interwoven lives.

The universal Truths are the common threads running through all of the levels of life. To discover them and to learn to live in alignment with them is the objective of the seeker of Truth.

Observations given here are simple essentials of

                                BARE BONES PHILOSOPHY.


A new group of OBSERVATIONS will replace these weekly 

-- (or whenever the spirit moves me):



 “Judging from the popular subject matter coming from today's media, you would never suspect mankind was advancing."

            flame_divider_mb-ok.gif    “Old memories are like baby shoes.  We walked in them once before our feet grew.” 


 “Meddling in someone else's business is like playing with the tail of a snake ... It will soon rear it's ugly head and bite you!


“As sensual pleasures eventally fail, a person is lost who has made no friend of his mind.”



“Misers hoard themselves into poverty.”


“Mistakes are easier to overlook than the excuses surrounding them.”


 “It is always beautiful to see persons so exactly suited to their occupations that they bring a noble flair to the performance of even the most mundane tasks."                                                  




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Sparkle Moore - "Bare Bones Philosophy" (Aug 15, 2011)