1. Liar, Liar

From the recording Liar, Liar


Everybody knows what love can bring,
Everybody knows it's a cryin' thing,
When one heart lives its lie,
The other heart will cry.
There are no laws, no judge, no court,
Against crimes of the heart,
Yet no crime can cut as deep
As deliberate deceit.
LIAR, LIAR, hearts on fire,
Goin' down in flame,
LIAR, LIAR, Your Desire,
Nothin' but a game.
Tricks galore, Nothin' more,
You're never what you seem,
Everything you say and do,
Is just a big smoke screen,
Your lyin', cheatin', deceitful ways,
Will only bring you shame,
You haven't learned that in this world
All you got is your good name.
Evil deeds and wild seeds,
Your word's not worth a dime,
All the heartaches you have caused,
Is really is a crime,
What goes around comes around,
Take some good advice,
Sooner or later, no doubt about it,
You're gonna pay the price.