From the recording The Earth Cries


INTRO: (SPOKEN) As Guardians of the planet We have failed in our duty, To respect and protect Its bounty and its beauty. VERSE: Way too many people with not enough care, Polluted waters, land, and air. Vanishing forests, with animals and birds, Energy crisis, resources purged. We are the stewards, but pay little heed, Effects are felt for each reckless deed. Respect for Nature moves away, Indifference and greed fill each day. Violence and wars and waste is felt, And patterns shift and glaciers melt. And over-population drains supplies, and the balance of life slowly dies. CHORUS: And the Earth Cries in Pain, As her eco-systems strain, And the Earth Cries in Pain, thru draughts, winds, and rain, Her gifts slowly destroyed thru abuse she has known, The Earth Cries in Pain But she will not cry alone.