From the recording The Mighty Tower

The Seeker, in his life-long pursuit of the Mighty Tower, (Truth and Wisdom),  sheds all aspects of his former life, gives up earthly comforts, researches all belief systems and religious dogmas, overcomes fleshly desires, treks through all forms of experiences, and surrenders his life and soul to his Cause.  Alas, he ages, as his journey fails.  But with his last breath, he makes the revealing discovery as his goal is reached -- The Mighty Tower of Truth he finds within!
At another level, are not all Seekers, with blind eyes, exhausting one after another of life's many pursuits, subconsciusly looking for that ultimate unrevealed Truth, that connection with the Source of Being?


There was a Tower, A Mighty Tower, carefully concealed,
Where all the mysteries of this life were said to be revealed;
The Seeker vowed to walk the Path of wise old sages,
To find the Mighty Tower with the wisdom of the ages.
He shed the garments he had worn only yesterday,
He left his home, his friends, his world, and went upon his way;
And one by one, the comforts, he renounced them all,
The Tower beaconed to his heart and he had heard the call.
The Seeker found that he, was tempted in the Halls,
of Common Knowledge, in the pictures painted on its walls.
The lures of flesh tore at his limbs, but undeterred he turned,
Up snow-filled mountains, through the flaming desert, 'til he burned.
He gave his life, his very soul, his spirit was on fire,
To seek the Dream, to find the Truth, his hearts only desire;
The Seeker prayed to God, to grant to him the power,
That he might see, that he might find, the blessed Mighty Tower.
But he grew old, his eyes were blind, at last he gave a sigh,
His search had failed, he felt a tear of grief fall from his eye;
And as he gently slipped away, he found for the first time,
The Tower!  The MIGHTY TOWER was right there, in his own mind!
The Tower, the MIGHTY TOWER, clearly called his name,
And the Seeker would not spend his life in vain.