1. Twice As Good

From the recording Twice As Good


I know, you had, another love before me,
I know, that she was, TWICE AS GOOD as me;
But I am here, and she is gone,
To another she belongs,
Cause she knew
He's TWICE AS GOOD as you.
I had, a love, a real good love, before you,
He was the best friend, that I ever knew.
But he found her, and convinced himself,
To put me back upon the shelf,
Cause he could see,
She's TWICE AS GOOD as me.
You and I, a couple of cast off lovers,
Tryin' to find our way without the others,
But if you're happy with me,
And I'm happy with you,
Who can ask for more,
It may just turn out TWICE AS GOOD
As it ever was before.
We both, had lives, real good lives before this,
But things can change fast with a simple kiss,
The bad might not be half as bad
As all the troubles we have had,
To start anew,
Is TWICE AS GOOD with you.